Author: Owen Zhang

How to use jQuery to Grab Data from JSON files

Using asynchronous Javascript or AJAX to load information from JSON is very common in web development. Here is an example of using jQuery to show data on the website by loading external JSON file. Step 1) Create a folder called learnjQuery on your website.   Step 2) Create the html file Use sublime text or whatever text editor you like to create an html file. Enter the following code to set-up your html file.

Save this file as “index.html” in your learnjQuery folder....


How to Install Django on Mac

Section 1: Install Django on your local machine and run a simple page If you have already installed Django, please jump to the next section. If you are not sure if you have Django on your computer, please open terminal and enter: python -c “import django; print(django.get_version())” If you already have Django installed, it should show something like this: If you don’t have Django, please follow the rest of these steps. Step 1: Verify that you have Python on your computer Django...