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  • April 8, 2018 – Duel Monsters AR VR at Gamer Gala 2, San Jose State University - On April 8, 2018, we attended an event called Gamer Gala 2: Electric Boogaloo hosted by the Pokemon Club and CADRE organization at San Jose State University. I always like these events because they give us a chance to demo what we've created so far. We went there to let Read More
  • Duel Monsters GO – Focusing on One Thing at a Time - As a new game developer team, it's easy to get carried away while messing around with project after project, never dedicating the full amount of time and effort into completing one piece of work. We're gamers, and we like a lot of different types of games. TLDR: We are focusing Read More
  • Original 2018 Slothparadise Roadmap - March 2018 Update: https://www.slothparadise.com/duel-monsters-go-focusing-on-one-thing-at-a-time/ *In the beginning of January, the plan originally was to make a mobile app, but then, we got a new VR member, so we started to pivot and work on cross-platform functionality and matchmaking instead. I'm keeping this post to see how our plans have changed. For Read More


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