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Soul Drop v0.0.1 Test Prototype Demo – Change Log

[10-16-2018] Soul Drop is a VR MMORPG with a whimsical, animated fantasy atmosphere. Be your own protagonist, make friends, and adventure the world. We created this prototype for the Oculus Launch Pad 2018 with all of our testing done with the Rift. [v.0.0.1] Local Multiplayer Test Build: https://gamejolt.com/games/souldrop/376451 Join our E-mail list for no-nonsense updates: ►http://eepurl.com/cP8r8n v0.0.1 This v0.0.1 build contains a closed off world for testing combat, movement mechanics, and enemy behaviors. v0.0.1 is a very pre-alpha build to see if...


2018 Summer Developer Recap

We want to make transparency a key part of our group. We haven’t always been good at it. Let me tell you what happened during our summer. Join our E-mail list for no-nonsense updates: ►http://eepurl.com/cP8r8n The Big Messup On April 27, 2018, we made a big deal about the alpha version of Yugioh AR/VR, asking for interested participants before summer began. On May 11, 2018, we announced our random selection of participants. We had originally planned to release something for...