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How to Add Github.io to Namecheap Domain

As you probably know, you can create username.github.io, and Github will host your static website. What if you want this username.github.io to be a different domain name that you purchased on namecheap? Let’s say that I have buhpc.github.io, and I want it to be buhpc.com, which I have purchased on namecheap. How exactly do I do that? Add CNAME to username.github.io We should add CNAME to our username.github.io. We can easily do this through the terminal or website GUI. I’ll...


How to Add Subdomains on Namecheap

Adding subdomains on Namecheap is quick and easy. Let’s say that I have a remote computer with IP address, I want to be able to SSH into this machine, but I hate needing to remember the IP address. Well, if you have purchased a website domain name on Namecheap like I have, just add a subdomain to your website! One of my websites that I have registered with Namecheap is http://buhpc.com, so I’ll be using that as the example.  ...