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Graph500 on CUDA

I recently went to ISC16 for their Student Cluster Competition, and one of the challenges was to create our “own implementation of Graph500 to run on a cluster.” If you don’t know about the Student Cluster Competition, they are cluster competitions where student teams work with vendors to create a cluster and optimize high performance scientific applications to be run under 3000 watts of power on real datasets. Graph500 is a rating of supercomputer systems focused on data intensive loads....


How to Setup CUDA 7.0 on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 with JetPack – Detailed

The most recent version of NVIDIA JetPack is 2.2., which supports the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and Jetson TK1. The big news is that the latest version of JetPack 2.2 turns the userspace to 64 bit! In earlier versions of JetPack, the kernel was 64 bit, but the userspace was 32 bit apparently from what a source has told me. Now with the userspace at 64 bit, you’ll have an easier time compiling and running arm64 libraries. Note that we’ll be...