[10-16-2018] Soul Drop is a VR MMORPG with a whimsical, animated fantasy atmosphere. Be your own protagonist, make friends, and adventure the world.

We created this prototype for the Oculus Launch Pad 2018 with all of our testing done with the Rift.

[v.0.0.1] Local Multiplayer Test Build: https://gamejolt.com/games/souldrop/376451

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This v0.0.1 build contains a closed off world for testing combat, movement mechanics, and enemy behaviors.

v0.0.1 is a very pre-alpha build to see if we’re going in the right direction in terms of design and controls.

It is multiplayer locally or if you connect directly through IP address if you port forwarded 9009. You can also use a program like Hamachi.


  • Grab a weapon – Hold the Grip Button.
  • Move – Left Analog Stick.
  • Rotate – Right Analog Stick.
  • Jump – Hold the Trigger Buttons while up in the air, pull down, and release at the peak of your motion.
  • Throw a Weapon – Release the Grip Button with a little momentum.
  • Call your Sword or Axe back – Hold the Grip Button after throwing your weapon.
  • Shoot mini sword projectiles – Stab forward.
  • Empower your Sword – Touch your sword with your off-hand. Then, slash forward.
  • Earthshatter – Put your sword toward the ground with a little momentum and let go of your sword when it’s about to touch the ground.
  • Talk to an NPC – Press the Trigger Button when near an NPC.
  • Turn on your pointers – Press Button 1 on either controller (X or A on Oculus Rift).
  • Grab your weapon from far away – Use the Pointer, Point at your Weapon, and Press the Grip Button.
  • Empower your Axe – Touch the tip of the axe with your off-hand. Then, raise your axe in the air to release the lightning.

How to Play?

  • You Point and Trigger click Start on the Menu with your VR controller.
  • You spawn into the world. You can use your mouse and keyboard to connect to a different IP address if you want to play with friends.
  • After a few seconds, you’ll automatically become a host locally.
  • 3 weapons will appear in front of you: a sword, axe, and boomerang.
  • Use the grip button to wield a weapon. Use the trigger button to talk to NPCs.
  • Press and hold both triggers buttons, pull down, and release to jump.

Grip – Used to wield weapons. You can throw all weapons.

Trigger Buttons – Used to talk to NPCs when in range. Press and hold both trigger buttons while up in the air, pull down, and release at the peak of your motion to jump.

X and A Buttons – Used to activate the pointer that can be used to interact with items from far distances.

Change Log

  • Menu and small world setting.
  • Use 3 weapons: sword, axe, and boomerang to fight enemies.
  • 4 sections: tutorial (north), jump quest (west), battlefield with regular monsters (east), and boss battle (south).
  • There are no rewards or monster drops yet.
  • Sword: throw, stab, put the sword in the ground and let go, touch the sword with the other hand and slash the sword.
  • Axe: throw, touch the tip of the axe with the other hand and point the axe in the sky.
  • Boomerang: throw.

System Requirements

  • VR Ready PC or Laptop.
  • Oculus Rift. All of our testing was done with the Oculus Rift.
  • HTC Vive and WindowsMR are compatible with SteamVR, but it’s much more clunky than with the Oculus Rift.