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Slay the Spire Coop 10/10 – Slay with Friends Review

Slay the Spire is traditionally a single player roguelike deckbuilder where you make advancements up a tower/spire, building a deck of cards and engaging in turn-based, play-a-card, use-energy gameplay, but it has a popular coop mode called Slay with Friends only on Steam Workshop for Steam Copies of this game.

  • Online coop, 2-200 players
  • Card-game, Deck-builder
  • Turn-based
  • PvE mainly, but there’s also PvP racing

After each event, in single-player, you typically click on a path with 1-2 routes with a:

  • random event
  • monster
  • shop/item
  • elite/boss

You fight during monster rounds. You take a turn. The monster takes a turn. You kill the monsters until you get to the top of each level. You fight a main boss. Rinse and repeat, and see if you can get all the way to the top of the entire spire.


In Slay with Friends Coop Mod, you do the same thing as Slay the Spire’s single-player mode except you play the game independently on different routes, and you share a pool of lives.

Up to 200 players can play together. 2-6 feels just right.

If a teammate dies:

  • they put a curse in their teammates’ decks
  • lower their max health as a penalty
  • If the team loses all of their lives, then, everyone loses regardless if you have not died once.

Slay the Spire may just very well be one of the best if not the absolute best card game rogue-likes out there single-player, and especially if you and your friends like the single-player Slay the Spire, you’ll like the unique challenge of Slay the Spire Coop.

But even if you have not played Slay the Spire single-player, below, we will break down what type of gamer likes this type of coop game.

Workshop Coop Mod Link

We will be reviewing the Steam Workshop mod called Slay with Friends, so this review is ONLY FOR STEAM COPIES.

For you

This coop mod is for you if:

  • Session with Friends: 1 hour – 7 hours. Up to around 1 hour each game.
  • Each session is independent. You just want a spicy 1 hour – 3 hour pop-in and play and see if you can win together.
  • Online coop.
  • Talk about random stuff while you play.
  • You like turn-based games, but you essentially play at your own pace. You can be speedy or slow.
  • You like hard, rogue-like games, and you don’t mind card-based turn games.
  • You like insanely hard games with a difficulty meter that goes up and up, and has 20 difficulties, and you want to challenge yourself like a Souls-like player.

Not for you

This mod is not for you if:

  • You want a game with a story and coop, joint progression.
  • You do not want to play 2D card games. Or you have never been a fan of 2D in the past.
  • You are not good at card-based turn games.
  • You do not like turn games. You want action.
  • You do not like roguelikes or the rinse and repeat to infinity style of gameplay loop.
  • You want coop where you work together closely.

Overall, if you are up to try this coop mod, Slay with Friends, on Slay the Spire, then, I’d highly recommend that this game is one of the best 2D card-games out there.

I sometimes like a game where I can just go progress through the levels at my own pace, but have a coop penalty like a shared pool of lives. To be honest, in a sense, this coop mod, we’re not always working together. We’re kind of playing side by side with a coop shared pool of lives and the ability to send cards to each other.

So this mod is not going to be for everyone. Deckbuilding card games are not for everyone.

If you want to play a coop game where you closely play with each other, then, this mod is not for you.

This mod, we’re playing a majority of the time, single-player routine, but with a shared life penalty, and sometimes, we can interact with each other at special points like sending cards, so this style of coop is not for everyone!


But if you:

  • Want to play a 1 hour or more quick session with some friends
  • Want to play and rush through the game while your friends might play slow or fast based on their ability
  • We screen-share with our friends to show how everyone is doing, so they don’t get left out, and we can give tips and cheer each other on
  • Talk about random stuff while you play
  • Have a game where there is going to be some downtime because not everyone will get to the checkpoints at the same time
  • Relax, talk, or surf the web during the downtime when other players are trying to catch up

Then, this game is for you 100%. This game was for our friend group because we sometimes can’t always play together a long drawn-out story game, so session-based games without a commitment to a campaign is usually for us.

But we also do not always want to play those brawling games or party games with a match where you face each other.

Sometimes, we do not want to play an overly stressful action game or resource-management game or a game that requires hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

  • We wanted a coop game where we could progress in a session together from point A to B, but within 1 hour or less matches.
  • And this game is not about PvP.
  • You are climbing the Spire together with shared lives.
  • Slay with Friends – Highly recommend. Ten out of ten. 10/10. Based on the above reasons, we’ve sunk hundreds of hours into this game’s coop.