A couple of days ago, we created a demo video of our fan game called Yugioh AR for the Microsoft HoloLens with the objective of creating a working system for multiplayer Yugioh card duels.

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The video above is a fan-made video of a fan-based game. Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. Please support the official release. We make no profit. We’re just fans.


Our team at Slothparadise owns 2 HoloLenses. As we were sitting in our respective homes, I couldn’t help remembering when I was in 3rd grade, Yugioh, the card game, was becoming big.

Back when I was in middle school, I thought that the Yugioh TV series was truly amazing and awe-inspiring! Every Saturday morning, my brother and I would be able to catch the latest episodes of Yugioh.

Duelist Kingdom. Battle City Tournament. The Seal of Orichalcos. We were there for it all like many of the original Yugioh fans.

Yugi accomplishing amazing comebacks in his duels. Duel monsters being projected as holograms. As my brother and I huddled around the old square TV, we would imagine what it would be like to use a real duel disk and play against each other.

I remember buying the original Yugi deck when it was in circulation in America while my older brother bought the original Kaiba deck, and we would duel against each other.

I remember how my brother traded his Blue-Eyes White Dragon with my cousin for a fake Exodia card, and he never got his Blue-Eyes back.

Yugioh was just a lot of fun for us! Unfortunately, a few weeks after Yugioh cards became a thing at my middle school, bringing them to school was banned!

The System

Fast-forward to present day, we had been playing around with the idea of making multiplayer Yugioh for the HoloLens for a while because we knew that Yugioh would be an incredible test case.

Yugioh + Microsoft HoloLens = Duel Gazer from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal without the duel disk

How do we build it?

A few years ago, the team at Slothparadise liked to play a popular web browser Yugioh fan game called Dueling Network.

We based the current implementation of Yugioh AR on Dueling Network where the main characteristic about that game was that it was completely manual.

In Dueling Network, you would have to add and subtract your life points manually. You would have to type in chat: “eff” to tell the other player that you were triggering a card effect. Both players would have to come to an agreement on any rulings.

The system worked, but most importantly, it was easily accessible.

Yugioh AR uses the same manual rules as Dueling Network because it’s easier to build the system up that way.

The fan game currently uses Yugi’s and Kaiba’s Battle City decks during the middle of that particular season without their respective Egyptian God cards.

You can watch a fully working earlier build of Yugioh AR Yugi vs Kaiba duel with subtitles here:

Give us suggestions on what feature would make your Yugioh childhood dream come true! We’ve been paying attention to all the amazing feedback that people have given us so far.

What’s next?

We here at Slothparadise are firm believers in augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality. We’ve owned the Microsoft HoloLens since August 2016, and we plan to continue creating amazing shared experiences.

Our objective is to make fun multiplayer augmented reality experiences that connect people face to face. Bring a more authentic human element back to games and technology!

We plan on building Yugioh AR bit by bit, so that you too can become a believer in augmented reality. Stay tuned for future update videos on the YouTube channel!

We also plan on building a multiplayer AR RPG codenamed World One in the future, so keep in touch with us for any news on that effort.

Until then, prepare your decks in your head. It’s time to duel!