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How to Make Money from YouTube Videos?

YouTube has become the centralized go-to place for video viewing and uploading for years.

Besides uploading videos to show to your best friends and family, more popular YouTubers can make a sizable amount of income from their videos. You can make money from YouTube? Of course, you can!

Years ago

Back in the day, famous YouTubers could join YouTube’s own partner program.

The partner program allowed established YouTubers who climbed their way to popularity to receive revenue for their hard work or not so hard work in exchange for agreeing to the placement of advertisements to the side bar and before their videos.

Through Google Adsense, YouTube Partners received monthly checks to cash and get more. The requirements for this program were tough, but now in 2014, they are quite easy.

With the emergence of YouTube third party networks, the standards for getting into a partner program for YouTube were much lower, which is good for us!

These third party networks such as Machinima, Fullscreen, and Makerstudios are joinable via application.

Through these third party networks, a decent YouTuber can become a partner because these third party networks work in between the user and YouTube.

Users make videos, third party network handles management and distribution of cash, YouTube hosts your videos and places advertisements.

Lowest Requirements

Take Makerstudios/Socialblade for example. Through their affiliated site,, you can apply for their partnership program depending on the views.

Socialblade with one of the fewest requirements to become a YouTube partner. Search your YouTube channel name on their site to find out if you qualify!

Socialblade: 500 views per month (This number may be outdated. Though, the requirement continually goes down.)




Each third party network has different requirements where you can find at the application process! Most of these third party networks require a certain monthly view audience base or subscriber amounts.

Grab views

How do you grab enough views to get a partnership.

1) Define your niche. You know what you’re able to do. But be unique. Don’t do a gaming channel if you aren’t unique enough.

Ask yourself what can you do better than most of the current YouTubers who do a type of category.

2) Provide detailed content. Detailed as in having well-edited content. Good quality equipment and good edits will always get you views. No matter how stupid the video is.

3) Upload constantly. Eventually one of your videos will get subscribers. Subscribers mean that someone will watch your video if you upload. More uploads means more views, and more views attracts even more views.

4) Never give up! Once you give up on your quest for views, then it’s all over.

If you keep on uploading and get through the criticism but also use the criticism to learn how you can deliver better content, then people will watch your videos, and you will be eligible for a partnership with a network.