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How to Bypass Intel PXE Boot

You might encounter a PXE Boot loading screen on your cluster, but you don’t have PXE Boot. And your network isn’t even configured yet! Many machines built to be part of clusters will pop up to this PXE screen and will loop forever! What do you do?



Change the Boot Order

Let’s say that all I want to do is boot the machine and install a new operating system. I have my trusty CentOS 7 Bootable USB installer drive with me, and I plug it into the computer. First, we want to restart our machine, and press the run setup button on the boot screen, which is normally F2, but on this machine, it is DEL.


We will maneuver tabs until we get to the Boot Order tab.


As you look at all the devices, you’ll see a couple of things in your boot order called IBA GE Slot. These PCI slots trigger the PXE boot. We want to make sure that these two slots are at the bottom of the boot order. <+> moves devices up and <-> moves devices down.


Move USB HDD to the top and both PCI BEV: IBA GE Slots to the bottom. Make sure that USB HDD is associated with a number like 1: USB HDD. If it does not have a number, your hard drive is part of the excluded list and you need to find its name and press <x> to include it into the boot list. Then, move USB HDD all the way up with <+>.


ESC. Hit save configurations, and your computer restarts. Wait while your computer boots into your bootable USB flash drive installer as expected. PXE boot will not boot before everything else thankfully enough!