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How to Add to Namecheap Domain

As you probably know, you can create, and Github will host your static website. What if you want this to be a different domain name that you purchased on namecheap? Let’s say that I have, and I want it to be, which I have purchased on namecheap. How exactly do I do that?

Add CNAME to

We should add CNAME to our We can easily do this through the terminal or website GUI. I’ll show you how to add a new file called CNAME on the website GUI. We’ll visit There’s a New file button next to New pull request button. Click it.


Now, we name the file, CNAME. Inside the large text box, we write the name of the domain that we have purchased on Namecheap. For me, I wrote inside the file. At the bottom, we click the Commit new file, green button.


Now, what we see is that we have committed the CNAME file, and it appears within our git repo.



Adding the Host Records to Namecheap

We visit and log into our account. On the list of domains that we own, hit Manage next to the domain that we want to link to


Now, we want to select the Advanced DNS tab.


At the bottom, we can add the following four Host Records as part of the Advanced DNS.

Make sure that you hit Save All Changes.


After waiting up to 30 minutes, when you visit, your site should redirect to and vice versa. Visit your or your domain name!