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How to Get Multiple Terminals on Ubuntu Server

Let’s say that you want multiple terminals on an Ubuntu server. If you have ever used the Ubuntu server version of the OS, you should know that it is maneuvered only through the terminal. We had a situation where we didn’t have access to the Internet, so we couldn’t install something like tmux for multi-tasking, and we thought screen was hard to use.

We needed multiple terminals, so that we could run multiple commands at the same time!

If you are using a keyboard and monitor with Ubuntu server, it so happens that you can use ALT + F1ALT + F6 to spawn new terminals to do your work. The keyboard shortcuts switch you to a new terminal window. You can have 6 of these terminals, which are basically the equivalent of terminal tabs on Ubuntu with the GUI.

In my case, I was using Ubuntu 14.04, but it should work with the other versions as well.


ALT + F2 to spawn terminal #2 and so on