[10-26-2018] Duel Monsters GO for Microsoft HoloLens is a manual AR dueling system fan game of the popular trading card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!

This v0.0.1 build is a peer to peer local multiplayer build for Microsoft HoloLens or PC.

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There are 2 versions of Duel Monsters GO:

  • Microsoft HoloLens version, in which you have to deploy the build to your device.
  • PC Build in case you only have 1 Microsoft HoloLens. You just need to double-click the executable.


  • Manual dueling simulator
  • Cross-platform between Microsoft HoloLens and PC
  • Local multiplayer under the same internet connection
  • 7 preset decks
  • Voice commands
  • A few 3D monsters. Most are 2D.

How to Setup?

  1. Join the Discord channel to get the download link.

Microsoft HoloLens requirements

  1. Microsoft HoloLens
  2. Visual Studio and Windows SDK

Instructions for Regular People (using the .appxb)

Windows Device Portal will allow you to deploy a .appxb to your Microsoft HoloLens, but it requires Visual Studio and Windows SDK.

  1. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/hololens-install-apps
  2. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/using-the-windows-device-portal
  3. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/install-the-tools

Instructions for Developers (using the HoloLens .zip)

  1. On your Microsoft HoloLens, go to Update & Security in your Settings.
  2. Go to For Developers tab.
  3. Make sure that Developer Mode is On.
  4. Make sure that Developer Portal is On.
  5. Go into your Wi-Fi settings and make sure that you’re connected to the internet.
  6. Extract the HoloLens .zip file on your PC.
  7. Open the .sln file with Visual Studio.
  8. Right click on the project file name in the Project Explorer section on the right side of Visual Studio.
  9. Click on Install Missing Features (if there are any missing). Sometimes, your Windows SDK might be out of date.
  10. Re-open the project with Visual Studio if you had to install missing features.
  11. On the top tab, change the deployment settings to Release, x86, and Device.
  12. Connect your HoloLens to your PC with its micro-USB to USB cable.
  13. Click on the Device button to start deploying Duel Monsters GO.
  14. Visual Studio might ask for a PIN. You can get the PIN if you go back to the For Developers tab inside Update & Security. There is a Pair button. It will give you a PIN.
  15. The Duel Monsters GO will deploy to your HoloLens. You can click on the Stop button after deployment, and the app will remain on your HoloLens.

PC requirements

  1. Any regular PC or laptop will work.

Instructions (using the PC .zip)

  1. Extract the .zip file of the PC version.
  2. Double-click the .exe.

Instructions for Local Multiplayer

  1. You have to be on the same Wi-Fi network because the system is Peer to Peer.
  2. The Wi-Fi network should be relatively stable. Hotspots work.
  3. xfinity public internet or public Wi-Fi networks probably will not work because the ports are blocked.
  4. 1 player picks a deck in the Main Menu. The other player waits for about 7 seconds for Player 1 to set-up the session. Then, the other player picks his/her deck, and the multiplayer will automatically sync.
  5. If you are using 2 HoloLens, the best way to sync the positions of the Life Point meter is to physically start at the same position and face the same direction. After successfully joining the session, Player 2 can walk over to his/her cards on the other side of the field.

Microsoft HoloLens Controls

  • Air tap. You air tap on Local Duel in the Main Menu.

  • There are 7 preset decks that you can use. Pick 1.

  • Wait until the 2nd player joins before doing anything else.
  • When a duel starts, the decks are not shuffled, both players should say, “Duel,” to shuffle your deck and draw 5 cards.

  • Air tap. You can use air tap to click on cards. When you air tap a card, the border will become red.

  • The card is now the selected card. You can use the Card Actions window on the left to perform actions.

  • On the left of the Card Actions window will be an enlarged preview of the currently selected card.

  • You can air tap the Deck, Graveyard, Banished Zone, or Extra Deck. When you air tap your Deck, you draw a card.

  • When you air tap the Graveyard, Banished Zone, or Extra Deck, all of the cards in that pile appear above your hand. You can use those cards like cards in your hand.
  • Example 1: Air tapping the Extra Deck.

  • You can look at your deck with the Look At Deck button.

  • You can access your opponent’s cards too by air tapping their graveyard or banished zone.

  • But to look at your opponent’s deck, you have to say the voice command, “Look at Opponent’s Deck.”

  • Your opponent’s life points hover above him/her.

  • Your life points are on the right side of the Card Actions window. You can air tap your life points to subtract or add life points with the drop-down calculator.

  • There are a few utility buttons like Draw, Hide Hand, Battle Phase, and I End My Turn.

  • When you air tap Battle Phase, a message informing you and the other player that it is your Battle Phase will appear.

  • If you click on the Attack Button, your monster will attack directly in front of itself.
  • If you want to target a specific monster, you first have to SELECT your monster, LOOK at your target, then SAY the voice command, “Attack!”
  • Example 1: Just hitting the Attack Button. Dark Magician already selected.

  • Example 2: Targeting a monster with the voice command: “Attack!” I have Dark Magician selected (red border). Then, I look at Dark Magician Girl’s card, and I say “Attack!”
  • (Selected) Dark Magician rotates and targets Dark Magician Girl. See how I am looking at Dark Magician Girl when I say “Attack!” You have to look at the card you’re targeting.

  • You can use the I End My Turn button to tell the other user that you’ve ended your turn.

Voice Commands

Voice commands can be used with the following requirements:

  1. Clear monotone pronunciation of the exact voice command without extra words.
  2. Example: “I Summon” will work, but “I Summon Dark Magician” will not work.
  3. Some voice commands will require you to have a card selected OR you can just look at the card and say the voice command.
  4. Example: I can look at any monster in my hand (even without air tapping it) and say, “I Summon,” and it will summon that card onto the field.
  5. Some voice commands like “Look at Opponent’s Deck” do not require looking at any card.

All voice commands:

  • Duel: shuffles your deck and draws the first 5 cards. You should say this when both players are ready to duel.
  • Hide Hand: hides your hand.
  • Show Hand: shows your hand.
  • Select: select the card that you’re looking at.
  • Attack: selected monster will attack the monster that you’re looking at.
  • I Normal Summon: normal summons the monster that you’re looking at.
  • I Special Summon Attack: special summons the monster that you’re looking at in attack position.
  • I Special Summon Defense: special summons the monster that you’re looking at in face-up defense position.
  • I Set A Monster: sets a monster on the field.
  • Flip To Defense: flips a monster to face-up defense position.
  • Flip To Attack: flips a monster to face-up attack position.
  • I Activate A Spell: activates a spell.
  • I Set A Spell: sets a spell.
  • I Activate A Field Spell: activates a field spell in the field position.
  • To Graveyard: sends the card that you’re looking at to your graveyard.
  • I Draw: draws a card from your deck.
  • I Activate A Trap: activates a trap card.
  • I Set A Trap: sets a trap card.
  • I Set A Card: sets a spell/trap card.
  • Banish: banishes the card that you’re looking at into your Banished Zone.
  • Reveal: reveals the card in your or opponent’s card in your or his/her hand that you’re looking at.
  • I Set A Face Down: sets a spell/trap card.
  • To Hand: sends the card that you’re looking at to your hand.
  • Shuffle: shuffles your deck.
  • Reveal Hand: reveals your entire hand to the opponent.
  • Remove From Play: banishes that card that you’re looking at to your Banished Zone.
  • I Activate My Monster’s Effect: changes the monster aura to orange to signal your opponent that you’re activating your monster’s effect.
  • Dice Roll: Rolls a dice in the middle of the field.
  • Coin Flip: Flips a coin in the middle of the field.
  • I Discard: Sends the card that you’re looking at to the graveyard.
  • Mute: Mutes the song that’s playing.
  • I Activate: Activates a spell/trap card that you’re looking at.
  • Draw: draws a card from your deck.
  • I Summon: normal summons a monster that you’re looking at.
  • I Special Summon: special summons a monster that you’re looking at in attack position.
  • Look At Deck: look at your deck. Cards appear above your hand.
  • To Top Of Deck: sends the card that you’re looking at to the top of your deck.
  • To Bottom of Deck: sends the card that you’re looking at to the bottom of your deck.
  • Token: puts a token in your hand.
  • Add Counter: adds 1 counter on the card that you’re looking at.
  • Remove Counter: removes 1 counter on the card that you’re looking at.
  • Hide Buttons: hide the Draw, Battle Phase, I End My Turn buttons above your card.
  • Look At Opponent Deck: look at your opponent’s deck. Cards appear above your hand.
  • Mill: Sends the top card on your deck to the graveyard.
  • I Tribute: tributes and sends the card that you’re looking at to the graveyard.
  • Look At Graveyard: look at your graveyard. Cards appear above your hand.
  • Look At Banished Zone: look at your banished zone. Cards appear above your hand.
  • Look At Extra Deck: look at your extra deck. Cards appear above your hand.
  • Draw Five: draw five cards from your deck.
  • I Fuse: creates a fusion effect on top of the card that you’re looking at. It’s just a visual effect.
  • Battle Phase: Inform the other user that it’s your Battle Phase.
  • I End My Turn: Inform your opponent that you ended your turn.

PC Controls

The GX dueling stadium will appear if you’re using the PC build.

  • [W A S D] to move around.
  • Q to move vertically down.
  • E to move vertically up.
  • [Hold Space Bar + Left Click] to click on buttons (equivalent to air tap)
  • [Hold Right Click + Drag Mouse] to rotate the camera around.
  • You can use the same voice commands as the HoloLens.