As a new game developer team, it’s easy to get carried away while messing around with project after project, never dedicating the full amount of time and effort into completing one piece of work.

We’re gamers, and we like a lot of different types of games.

TLDR: We are focusing 100% on Duel Monsters GO until we release it.


Timeline so far

February 2017: We started creating a Sword Art Online Augmented Reality RPG, which led to creating multi-player AR games.

July 2017: With the lessons learned from starting the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale fan game, we wanted to try making Yu-Gi-Oh! AR, creating 1 on 1 duels, which we called Duel Monsters GO.

August 2017 – October 2017: We went to a few expos and events to play-test Duel Monsters GO and improve it further, learning the limitations and flaws in our design.

November 2017 – January 2018: We felt experienced enough in networking code to come back to the RPG. We decided that making something original called World One would be better suited for us due to the current limitations of AR.

*If we tried to create Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale as it were seen in the movie, we would only disappoint fans of the series including ourselves, so we called our original game, World One.


What’s next for the rest of 2018?

There comes a point where you have to put your foot down and decide what the heck do you want to do.

Time is limited, and we shouldn’t be hopping around from project to project.

This month and onward, we’re putting our foots down.

We are going to dedicate all our resources to making Duel Monsters GO great until we release it.

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