A month ago, we were experimenting card scanning of actual Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to make a holographic dueling experience similar to the anime series.

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Duel Monsters GO is a fan-based game. Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. Please support the official release.

Why real cards?

Many people have Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Many people play Yu-Gi-Oh! at locals and tournaments or with friends.

  1. We wanted card scanning to be portable. No external cameras required. No phones required.
  2. We wanted to make locals, tourneys, or casual dueling more interesting to show off to an audience. The system forces you to say out loud what you’re doing instead of mumbling.
  3. We wanted to simulate Duel Arenas or Stadiums or Duel Disks as much as possible.

How does card scanning work?

The idea behind card scanning is to duel with your real cards within an augmented reality environment.

  1. Wear a Microsoft HoloLens and open Duel Monsters GO.
  2. Enter a duel against a person with card scanning mode enabled.
  3. Shuffle your real deck as if you were playing a regular duel and draw your cards.
  4. Look at each individual card one by one, waiting to hear a BEEP for confirmation. The holographic system visualizes your cards.
  5. Use voice commands to use your cards like “I Normal Summon…”
  6. DUEL!

The holographic system is a visual component to the regular card game. The rules of the game are still managed by the players like a real duel would be.

Similar to the show, you would have to say out loud whatever you’re doing. The voice commands are used as cues to trigger the hologram actions.

Work in progress

By using card scanning, you maintain the speed and fluidity of using physical cards while having the awesomeness of holographic monsters appear in front of you.

There’s more to do with card scanning to make it into a smoother experience, but it’d be incredible to see this feature come to life for the duelist who still has his or her Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

Once augmented reality glasses become consumer products, imagine how spectating duels could be like!

In the middle of the street, you see a couple of people who have Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and they’re about to duel.

You walk by, and you join as a spectator, and you actually see what’s happening.

This type of duel system would be like Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal’s duel gazers.

For future updates to Duel Monsters GO, be sure to visit the YouTube channel and subscribe! Here’s an example duel that I recorded with me switching between 2 Microsoft HoloLens.