A couple of days ago, we created a concept trailer for an idea of an AR RPG for HoloLens using Sword Art Online as our inspiration.

It’s kind of wacky, but it was a fun idea to create.

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How did it all start?

Things started moving along in early 2017 when I first started to practice developing with my HoloLens much more than before. One of the things that had always been on my mind was creating an AR RPG because the very idea of going on an adventure in a game with friends sounded like so much fun.

We’ve been continually working on the game to create this adventure where you walk out the door and enter a whole new world, meeting friends and people, and becoming stronger in order to complete more difficult quests.

Our motivation

I grew up with couch multiplayer where my friends would come over to my house or I come over to their houses and play PS1, PS2, Wii, or PS3 games.

In the last 10 years, online multiplayer has been the standard of multiplayer. That’s not a bad thing. Things have just evolved as you might expect.

Couch multiplayer has certainly diminished in the meanwhile, and at times may not even be included.

I appreciate when couch multiplayer is included in a game. Maybe, it’s just me, but I felt that it was easier to make a more thoughtful human connection with your friends in person. Smash Bros. anyone?

I think that there can sometimes be a barrier with online multiplayer games or even social media. It can sometimes make you forget that there’s a human being behind that computer screen across the world.

There’s a lot more cyberbullying, harassment, and misunderstandings in online games because it’s harder to visualize that there’s a fellow gamer just like yourself trying to have fun playing the same game with you.

Mixed reality is different

Mixed reality is an opportunity to bring a new form of local multiplayer. When you play a multiplayer mixed reality game with people, you need to talk to them. You’re playing the game face to face. You need to communicate in order to play the game.

Augmented reality or mixed reality is an opportunity to bring back a human face to gaming.

With our AR RPG, we’re looking to create more authentic human relationships using the game as a medium to connect people. As we overcome quests and have fun together, I think that we can also form a closer bond as friends because we’re playing the game in person.

I remember the days when online multiplayer wasn’t a big thing. I would play couch multiplayer with friends, and since they were at my house, we began to learn more about each other with couch multiplayer as being a catalyst for bonding us.

We would end up taking a break from playing those games and end up doing other things together since we were with each other in person. The couch multiplayer was the spark that allowed us to open ourselves to each other and become close friends.

We believe that an AR RPG can have that same special effect of bonding people and being the catalyst that helps connect each other.

This is our motivation for an AR RPG. An AR RPG where people can party with each other as long as they have the game. Then, go out in the real world and tackle obstacles.

The AR RPG is a work in progress, but we believe that the game will be able to help form authentic human relationships.

I hope that you enjoy our concept trailer, and follow us more when we make this dream a reality!