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How to Copy to System Clipboard from Vim

In this tutorial, I used Cygwin on Windows 10 and Bash on Windows 10 to copy text from vim to the system clipboard for pasting. Check if we have +clipboard on our version of vim If you’re using bash on Windows or Ubuntu, and vim does not have +clipboard, sudo apt-get install vim-gnome -y +clipboard gets installed vim file Type: :%y+ to copy all lines Right click and paste, and you’ll see the lines you copied from vim   Check if we have +clipboard on...


How to Fix ^M Characters in Vim

I opened a CSV file in Microsoft Excel. I approved compatibility with macros on a Mac. Then, I opened the same CSV file with vim. The entire CSV file was reduced to a single line whenever I opened the file with vim. Something like this: Number of Sloths,Type^M15,black^M10,brown^M5,blue If we try to substitute all the ^M characters, those characters aren’t found! vim slothparadise.csv The characters are actually a little different. We use vim‘s substitution for \r. :%s/\r/\r/g All the ^M...


How to Use Vim and Tmux Together – Workflow for Beginners

If you’re a programmer like myself who has taken college courses or picked up the trade through books and online resources, you may have come across a terminal-based text editor called vim. And you may have heard of tmux, which is a terminal program that produces virtualized consoles in useful formats. This article is for the beginner. For the beginner who’s been using Sublime or Notepad++ and wants to make the first step to change.   Why you should try the...