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2018 Summer Developer Recap

We want to make transparency a key part of our group. We haven’t always been good at it. Let me tell you what happened during our summer. Join our E-mail list for no-nonsense updates: ► The Big Messup On April 27, 2018, we made a big deal about the alpha version of Yugioh AR/VR, asking for interested participants before summer began. On May 11, 2018, we announced our random selection of participants. We had originally planned to release something for...


Creating an AR RPG for HoloLens – Concept Trailer

A couple of days ago, we created the announcement trailer of the concept idea for an AR RPG for HoloLens using Sword Art Online as our inspiration. We’ve been working hard the last three months to make our vision for an adventure mixed reality RPG come to life. Join our E-mail list for no-nonsense updates: ► How did it all start? Things started moving along in early 2017 when I first started to practice developing with my HoloLens much more...