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How to use MPI without NFS

You can use MPI without NFS or a shared file system! We had a situation where we couldn’t find the NFS server or client packages for arm64 for Ubuntu 16.04. We had OpenMPI version 1.10.2 installed on 2 nodes without NFS. When you use MPI without NFS, you need to ensure that the same version of MPI is installed by every node. Then, you have to ensure that the same data files, which include the program, hostnames file, and input files,...


How to SSH to Another Computer with Ethernet Cable – Local Area Network

Let’s say that we wanted to connect an Ethernet cable from Ethernet port of one computer to Ethernet port of another computer. I want to be able to SSH into the other machine from my computer given that I know the other machine’s password or have an authenticated SSH key. You can also SSH to a series of machines if you have a switch with all the other machines connected to that switch through Ethernet cables. The switch is basically a...