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Creating an AR RPG for HoloLens – Concept Trailer

A couple of days ago, we created a concept trailer for an idea of an AR RPG for HoloLens using Sword Art Online as our inspiration. It’s kind of wacky, but it was a fun idea to create. Join our E-mail list for no-nonsense updates: ► How did it all start? Things started moving along in early 2017 when I first started to practice developing with my HoloLens much more than before. One of the things that had always been...


Is the HoloLens Development Edition Worth Buying?

Microsoft HoloLens Dev Edition recently became available in several additional countries. I’ve been using the HoloLens since August 2016. It’s still a development edition, but is the HoloLens Dev Edition worth buying? Is it worth 3000 dollars? I’m going to focus on my opinions on its usability to best inform you about the device as it is today. I’m not undermining the great advances and craftsmanship of the device, but I’d like to focus on one thing that I especially...