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How to Install and Use Cassandra on Django

Django is a Python web server while Cassandra is a high availability database. This article will be a complete guide for installation and use of Django with Cassandra.   Django Installation Installing Python Since Django is a Python web server, you’ll need Python. You can check if you have Python already. python –version However, if you’re using a Mac, I have had a lot of problems with the default system Python with the combination of Cassandra and Django. I would...


How to Install Django on Mac

Section 1: Install Django on your local machine and run a simple page If you have already installed Django, please jump to the next section. If you are not sure if you have Django on your computer, please open terminal and enter: python -c “import django; print(django.get_version())” If you already have Django installed, it should show something like this: If you don’t have Django, please follow the rest of these steps. Step 1: Verify that you have Python on your computer Django...