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How to Install and Use Cassandra on Django

Django is a Python web server while Cassandra is a high availability database. This article will be a complete guide for installation and use of Django with Cassandra.   Django Installation Installing Python Since Django is a Python web server, you’ll need Python. You can check if you have Python already. python –version However, if you’re using a Mac, I have had a lot of problems with the default system Python with the combination of Cassandra and Django. I would...


How to Install Cassandra 2.1.6 on Mac OS

Cassandra is a useful NoSQL database management system with praise for its high availability. Let’s demonstrate how to install Cassandra 2.1 on Mac OS X. Step 1) Install the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) On Macs, you can easily download the corresponding dmg file and install. After installing, check that you have installed the JDK.

  Step 2) Install Cassandra Make a directory for your Cassandra package and change directory into it.

Download the latest Cassandra tar file into...


How to List All Tables in Cassandra

Something so simple can be so difficult to find. Cassandra’s documentation isn’t the best or easiest to find specific commands. How do you list all the tables in Cassandra? Make sure that cassandra’s binary is running in a terminal. cassandra Start cqlsh in another terminal. cqlsh

The keyspace is another term for the name of the database that you are using. For example, I can type in: use db;

There you go! The command lists all tables within...