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C++ Libraries: Linking and Compiling

What is the -I, the -L, and the –(little L)? Why am I getting so many errors? What’s going on underneath? C and C++ libraries can be thought of as a conglomeration of functions and new keywords that you are able to use in your code. To truly understand what libraries are made of, we should first refresh on header and source files.   Header and Source File Example Header files contain declarations of functions and variables and often have...


Google Testing: Example and CMake Integration

The Google testing environment is frequently used in software engineering projects as a means of ensuring the functionality of your code. It is a framework that highlights the fundamentals of the iterative development work flow with the ability to confirm a set of tests as you are developing, thereby increasing the reliability of your final product and reducing time spent trouble shooting overall. The main tests that the framework allows for is assertions. An assertion simply checks to see if...