How to Use Vim and Tmux Together – Workflow for Beginners

If you’re a programmer like myself who has taken college courses or picked up the trade through books and online resources, you may have come across a terminal-based text editor called vim. And you may have heard of tmux, which is a terminal program that produces virtualized consoles in useful formats. This article is for the beginner. For the beginner who’s been using Sublime or Notepad++ and wants to make the first step to change.   Why you should try the...


Redirect Pages from http no www to www

After you have set-up your website, you may notice that even if you type in, the web address appears as Where did the www go? The configuration does not exist on your DNS provider! The setting actually is in a file called .htaccess on the root or top level of your web pages. For example, our website, slothparadise, runs on an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance where the web files are kept inside apache’s /var/www/html directory. Usually when...


How to Root Nvidia Android TV Shield

To start, you will need a few tools and files. adb and fastboot (Android SDK tools) SuperSU files. twrp images – credit to Steel01 Make sure to back up your device in the event something goes wrong and preserve any of your data.   1. Once your TV shield is up and running, head over to the settings.   2. Go to About (First Row) and scroll down to “Build Number.”   3. Here, click “Build Number” 7 times. This...


How to take Screenshots on Windows 7 and 8

There’s a few different techniques for screenshotting on Windows, starting with the ubiquitous PrintScreen button. This button is usually found above the Insert, Home, and Page Up Button on your keyboard, but this depends on the type of keyboard you have and may not even be its own dedicated button on laptops. If you don’t have easy access to the PrintScreen key, don’t worry, read on.   With the PrintScreen Key Using the PrintScreen key, a simple press will screenshot your...


How to take Screenshots on Mac

There always comes a time where you just have to take a screenshot on your computer especially on a Mac. Luckily, Macs even have an integrated shortcut for screenshots! It’s stupid easy and especially useful because of the multiple options. By default, your screenshots will be saved to your Desktop with the date as its name.   The Full Screenshot Command (⌘)-Shift-3 The command takes a full picture of your desktop.   Partial Screenshot (Drag method) Command (⌘)-Shift-4 Move the...


How to Use Sublime Text 2 From Terminal on Mac OS

Sublime Text 2? The editor that developers, developers, developers like to use. At the very least, Sublime is a common text editor for the everyday programmer. How can you use Sublime on your terminal? If you’re any programmer, you’re maneuvering through the terminal left and right, all day everyday, so you need to have an easy way to use sublime from the terminal! By default, for Mac OS X, you don’t have Sublime binded to a command on the terminal!...


How to Install and Use Cassandra on Django

Django is a Python web server while Cassandra is a high availability database. This article will be a complete guide for installation and use of Django with Cassandra.   Django Installation Installing Python Since Django is a Python web server, you’ll need Python. You can check if you have Python already. python –version However, if you’re using a Mac, I have had a lot of problems with the default system Python with the combination of Cassandra and Django. I would...


How to Install Cassandra 2.1.6 on Mac OS

Cassandra is a useful NoSQL database management system with praise for its high availability. Let’s demonstrate how to install Cassandra 2.1 on Mac OS X. Step 1) Install the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) On Macs, you can easily download the corresponding dmg file and install. After installing, check that you have installed the JDK.

  Step 2) Install Cassandra Make a directory for your Cassandra package and change directory into it.

Download the latest Cassandra tar file into...


How to List All Tables in Cassandra

Something so simple can be so difficult to find. Cassandra’s documentation isn’t the best or easiest to find specific commands. How do you list all the tables in Cassandra? Make sure that cassandra’s binary is running in a terminal. cassandra Start cqlsh in another terminal. cqlsh

The keyspace is another term for the name of the database that you are using. For example, I can type in: use db;

There you go! The command lists all tables within...


[OUTDATED] How to Watch League of Legends Replays without a Program?

How do you watch League of Legends replays? There’s a program for Windows called LOLReplay that allows you to watch any League of Legends replay from your games. The program stores data files that you can execute and re-watch your favorite League replays. Well, I sure as hell don’t want another program to do this or waste space on my computer storing those data files! Half of my games aren’t worth re-watching. An alternative is is a website...