How to Install Cassandra 2.1.6 on Mac OS

Cassandra is a useful NoSQL database management system with praise for its high availability. Let’s demonstrate how to install Cassandra 2.1 on Mac OS X. Step 1) Install the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) On Macs, you can easily download the corresponding dmg file and install. After installing, check that you have installed the JDK.

  Step 2) Install Cassandra Make a directory for your Cassandra package and change directory into it.

Download the latest Cassandra tar file into...


How to List All Tables in Cassandra

Something so simple can be so difficult to find. Cassandra’s documentation isn’t the best or easiest to find specific commands. How do you list all the tables in Cassandra? Make sure that cassandra’s binary is running in a terminal. cassandra Start cqlsh in another terminal. cqlsh

The keyspace is another term for the name of the database that you are using. For example, I can type in: use db;

There you go! The command lists all tables within...


[OUTDATED] How to Watch League of Legends Replays without a Program?

How do you watch League of Legends replays? There’s a program for Windows called LOLReplay that allows you to watch any League of Legends replay from your games. The program stores data files that you can execute and re-watch your favorite League replays. Well, I sure as hell don’t want another program to do this or waste space on my computer storing those data files! Half of my games aren’t worth re-watching. An alternative is is a website...


How to Install and Use VirtualBox?

Whoa… VirtualBox! VirtualBox is a fantastic program for creating virtual instances of your everyday regular computer machines. We normally use the program to pop up virtual Linux distribution machines like CentOS and Ubuntu so that even when we’re using a Windows or Mac machine, we can still have a window that is running Linux. 1) Download VirtualBox You can find the latest virtual box at the following link: We’ll select the Windows hosts latest option, which is about 106...


What is Cloud Computing?

  You may have heard of cloud computing. Cloud computing is this buzz word describing a virtual method of accessing computers. Berkeley’s “Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing” explains the term nicely, and it provides a wide overview of cloud computing. I’ll summarize the contents of the paper.   Summary of the paper “Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing” establishes definitions of cloud computing and explains the parts that make up the service. Introducing...


6 Easy Steps to Learn Github For the First Time

For newcomers, Github is a version control system used by lots of software engineers for keeping track of code. Github can be hard! Really hard to learn! Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s like riding a bicycle. You never forget?” Github can be the same as riding a bicycle for any beginner! Everyone knows the power of metaphors or sayings. They stay in your head, so here’s one for learning Github for the first time. Here are 6 steps to...


5 Ways to Get to the Top of YouTube Search

  YouTube… and search… how do you get your videos to the top of the page when people search? SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Ever heard of it? The buzz word to get your webpages to the top of Google search! YouTube follows similar but different rules! In this article, you’ll find out how to get your videos to the top of YouTube search. This is the general formula for success on YouTube!   1) Quality of your videos   I know. Quality? So...


How to use jQuery to Grab Data from JSON files

Using asynchronous Javascript or AJAX to load information from JSON is very common in web development. Here is an example of using jQuery to show data on the website by loading external JSON file. Step 1) Create a folder called learnjQuery on your website.   Step 2) Create the html file Use sublime text or whatever text editor you like to create an html file. Enter the following code to set-up your html file.

Save this file as “index.html” in your learnjQuery folder....


How to Install Django on Mac

Section 1: Install Django on your local machine and run a simple page If you have already installed Django, please jump to the next section. If you are not sure if you have Django on your computer, please open terminal and enter: python -c “import django; print(django.get_version())” If you already have Django installed, it should show something like this: If you don’t have Django, please follow the rest of these steps. Step 1: Verify that you have Python on your computer Django...


8 Steps to Install Cygwin on Windows

Cygwin provides the Linux feeling on Windows. With Cygwin, you can get a sizable Linux collection of GNU and Open Source tools including a terminal that supports POSIX interface on Windows. Step 1) Check whether your System type is 32 bit or 64 bit. If you have Windows 8 or 8.1, right click on This PC on your Desktop, then click on Properties. If you don’t have This PC on your Desktop, you can also use Windows’ search to look...