On April 8, 2018, we attended an event called Gamer Gala 2: Electric Boogaloo hosted by the Pokemon Club and CADRE organization at San Jose State University.

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I always like these events because they give us a chance to demo what we’ve created so far.

We went there to let attendees play multi-player duels on Duel Monsters AR VR.

What did we show?

  • VR with Samsung Odyssey
  • AR with Microsoft HoloLens
  • Only a manual system (we didn’t make everything automated yet)
  • 1 v 1 multi-player duels

We set up a station with the Samsung Odyssey VR Kit, my laptop, and two Microsoft HoloLenses for players to initiate multi-player duels.

Last week, we had shown a video update on how we have created the game to be cross-platform.

  • AR players can play against VR players.
  • VR players can play against PC players who don’t have VR.
  • PC players who don’t have VR can play against AR players.

I showed attendees how to use the Microsoft HoloLens since most if not every attendee who came by our table had not used the device before.

What can we improve?

  • More cards need to be automated. We left the more complicated cards still manual.
  • Slow duels because there’s still no tutorial. Especially in AR, we need to add more indicators to guide the player on what exactly happened. Sound effects aren’t enough.
  • More teaching cues. Cues that guide the player on what they can do next if they’re unfamiliar with Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • Example: when you look at the graveyard, the graveyard cards appear above your hand, but there’s no pointer that shows you that happened.
  • Another example: when you summon a monster, the card gets teleported onto the field. We should animate the movement.
  • We intend to revamp the UI in the coming month. I just left things the way they were because they were working.
  • Voice commands should track all Monster, Spell, and Trap names. Right now, voice recognition can only understand the prefix of the command like “I Normal Summon or You Activated My Trap Card” without card names.

Next up

Stay tuned for more updates on our YouTube channel! We plan on implementing a lobby system and matchmaking in the near future.