March 2018 Update:

*In the beginning of January, the plan originally was to make a mobile app, but then, we got a new VR member, so we started to pivot and work on cross-platform functionality and matchmaking instead. I’m keeping this post to see how our plans have changed.

For the new year, I wanted to write a general roadmap on what we want to deliver.

Having goals and being reasonably transparent matters to us, so here is our 2018 Slothparadise roadmap.

January 2018

  • Upload World One alpha demo onto the Microsoft Store. It will be a prototype sandbox.
  • Have World One playable to a certain extent.
  • Learn through iterating and feedback.
  • Fix some of the glaring bugs in World One.
  • Create a bunch of single player tutorial quests.
  • Create a few multiplayer quests. Sandboxed in nature. A join in system for players who want to join other players for these multiplayer quests and events.
  • 1 Duel Monsters GO HoloLens video demonstration.
  • World One alpha gameplay trailer.
  • Reveal the Duel Monsters GO mobile app with geolocation and initial map testing.
  • Global Game Jam 2018 demo video.

February 2018

  • Duel Monsters GO mobile app demonstration. Find cards in the real world.
  • Duel Monsters GO example duel demonstration.
  • Duel Monsters GO matchmaking example demonstration.

April 2018

  • World One will be at a stable state with numerous enemies, quests, and considered playable. Still at an alpha state.
  • In World One, players should be able to move through the real world and fight monsters.
  • Keep up with any new AR products that come out.
  • Duel Monsters GO should be playable to a certain extent.

May 2018

  • Duel Monsters GO mobile app alpha demonstration and testing with matchmaking support.
  • Duel Monsters GO will originally be Dueling Network style up to 5Ds and Xyz era.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking and geolocation should be working smoothly for Duel Monsters GO.

This roadmap is subject to change as news comes out regarding AR technology.

I’ll be updating this roadmap throughout the year.

I have not planned far enough to consider what should be deliverable for Q3 and Q4 2018, but we’ll have a clearer idea of what we should do as the year goes on.