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Graph500 on CUDA

I recently went to ISC16 for their Student Cluster Competition, and one of the challenges was to create our “own implementation of Graph500 to run on a cluster.” If you don’t know about the Student Cluster Competition, they are cluster competitions where student teams work with vendors to create a...


Recover Nvidia Android TV Shield Manually

Prerequisites Files needed: Recovery Images This tutorial is for restoring your entire TV Shield in the event something unfortunate happens. In order for this to work, your TV Shield has to be able to boot up and display the Nvidia logo on screen. Otherwise, your TV Shield is bricked, and...


How to Root Nvidia Android TV Shield

To start, you will need a few tools and files. adb and fastboot (Android SDK tools) SuperSU files. twrp images – credit to Steel01 Make sure to back up your device in the event something goes wrong and preserve any of your data.   1. Once your TV shield is...