On July 2014, Huy Le created a tech blog called Slothparadise with friends to share what they had learned so far!

Huy Le, Winston Chen, Owen Zhang, Quentin Li, Hannah Gibson, and Jason Booth are the authors of the blog section. Slothparadise originally came from our inspiration and belief that we should share what we know to others.

On October 20, 2015, we released an Android app called Pocket Converter that received over 30,000 downloads and users in its lifetime. Pocket Converter allowed users to convert YouTube videos to MP3s through the YouTube share button on their Android phones.

We discontinued support of Pocket Converter in early 2017.

Starting in February 2017, Slothparadise became more focused as an indie game studio where we’ve shifted emphasis onto our development projects in AR (Augmented Reality).

We’re currently working on a Microsoft HoloLens AR RPG called World One.

Huy Le is our lead programmer, and Simon Ton composes our music.

The blog section is dedicated for all those times when we searched questions on Google or Stackoverflow and found a tech blog that answered our exact questions!

Email us at contact@slothparadise.com