On July 2014, Huy Le wanted to create a tech blog with friends to share what they had learned so far!

Huy Le, Winston Chen, Owen Zhang, Quentin Li, Hannah Gibson, and Jason Booth are the authors of this humble tech blog, Slothparadise. Slothparadise came from our inspiration and belief that we should share what we know to others.

We’re huge advocates of education in different forms of media, and this blog is our small contribution to the world’s knowledge.

This blog is dedicated for all those times when we searched questions on Google or Stackoverflow and found a tech blog that answered our exact questions!

The best way to contact Huy is through his personal website, which has his e-mail and other social media. Huy can also be reached through his YouTube and Twitter.

You can email us a request to write a tutorial post on anything that you think that we may know. Email us at contact@slothparadise.com.

  • DoDo52

    Huy can you help me? I am searching for 1 month to fix my wii. I tried different methods but i didint work. Can i you write me dogus.yaycioglu@gmail.com
    So i can explain you my situation. You are maybe the best youtuber for Wuii hacking. Thx for everything…

  • Dperussina

    Thanks for fun topics

  • Abay Bektursun

    Amazing blog! Keep it up guys!